A Course In Miracles
What is ACIM?

A Course in Miracles, often abbreviated to ACIM, or 'the Course', is a self-study spiritual psychology course. It is no ordinary book. Actually it is three books in one. It can seem incomprehensible at first. It has also been described as an energy vortex, as the same section can be read once, then read again, at another time, and appear to bear no resemblance to the previous reading...

Its aim is to enable you to retrain your mind, to a new perspective on your life and your relationships, leading to inner peace.

Gary Renard has written a book which, for me, was the key to unlocking the mysteries of ACIM:The Disappearance of the Universe. http://www.garyrenard.com/Preview.htm

Students of  A Course in Miracles in the UK are served by the Miracle Network, which provides contacts for local study groups, local Course-related events and workshops: http://www.miracles.org.uk/

For more global information on A Course in Miracles, including a free-to-use online version, which is searchable, please click this link:

Miracle Share is a social network for students and teachers of the Course. It also hosts an annual virtual conference, and has a Miracle Share Academy.